At the Heart of our Mission:  Share, Inform, and Mobilize

Members of our team continually survey various sexological tools. Education programs, clinical scales, mobile apps, pedagogical guides, and more. If you become a volunteer-member of Les 3 sex* you can share your knowledge and participate in evaluating such tools. If you have any comments or questions about the Tools section, please do not hesitate to contact our team.


Ask Your Question!

1 June 2020
Website inviting participants to submit questions on sexuality through a web form. Questions and answers from the intervention team are then displayed in a database under various subjects. ...

Corps accord - Guide de sexualité positive • Livre éducatif

9 December 2019
*This tool is only available in French....

Don’t Get Sextorted

8 March 2021
The new website facilitates open conversations about the issue and a link to confidential online help. Downloadable and teen-friendly sharable communication tools encourage sharing of the prevention message. ...

Educate to Protect: Young Children’s Sexual Violence Prevention • Websheet

12 October 2020
Why prevent sexual violence against young children? Because they are especially vulnerable to it. We can prevent sexual violence against young children by teaching them simple, concrete concepts that are tailored to their stage of development....

Every Body Curious

23 March 2020
Every Body Curious is a safe place where kids can talk openly and honestly about sexuality, the body and healthy relationships!...

Hétéro, l'école? Plaidoyer pour une éducation antioppressive à la sexualité

3 February 2020
*This tool is only available in French....

It Took Science 2,000 Years to Find the Clitoris

24 August 2020
In the history of sexual anatomy, the clitoris has long been dismissed, demeaned, and misunderstood. Here is a view of the clitoris you've probably never seen....

La CORPS féministe • Schémas anatomiques

23 September 2019
*This tool is only available in French....

Le clitoris • Animated Documentary

21 September 2020
Women are lucky, they possess the only organ of the human body that is only purposed for pleasure! Discover its ignored anatomy and unknown history in a funny and instructive way. ...

Le petit manuel Sex Education

30 March 2020
*This tool is only available in French....

On parle de sexe • Série de vidéos éducatifs

11 October 2018
*Content only available in French....

Pourquoi prévenir la violence sexuelle chez les tout-petits?

9 November 2020
*This tool is only available in French....

Réfléchir à ça! • Plateforme en ligne sexo-éducative

2 September 2019
*This tool is only available in French....