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Members of our team continually survey various sexological tools. Education programs, clinical scales, mobile apps, pedagogical guides, and more. If you become a volunteer-member of Les 3 sex* you can share your knowledge and participate in evaluating such tools. If you have any comments or questions about the Tools section, please do not hesitate to contact our team.


What Women With Autism Want You to Know

11 March 2020
« When people think of a disease, they think of something that is degenerative, that will hurt you and kill you. Autism is not a disease, it is a developmental disability. It’s about living our best possible lives with this condition.»...

Yes, No, Maybe: A Sexual Inventory Stocklist • Questionnaire

1 October 2019
Clear, truthful and open communication is a must with partnered sex. It's the best way to assure everyone is fully and freely...

You’re Welcome, My Friend • Comic Illustrating the Importance of Being an Ally to LGBTQ+ Communities

4 October 2021
« You’re welcome, my friend » puts into picture the moment when a person becomes aware of the importance of being an ally to LGBTQ+ communities. ...

Your Sexual Health • Guide for People Living with HIV

8 June 2022
This resource is for anyone living with HIV. It is designed to help readers take care of their sexual health, with information about sexually transmitted infections, sexual health check-ups and consent....