At the Heart of our Mission:  Share, Inform, and Mobilize

Members of our team continually survey various sexological tools. Education programs, clinical scales, mobile apps, pedagogical guides, and more. If you become a volunteer-member of Les 3 sex* you can share your knowledge and participate in evaluating such tools. If you have any comments or questions about the Tools section, please do not hesitate to contact our team.


Compersion: Polyamory Beyond Jealousy

28 September 2020
Compersion can be defined as the opposite of jealousy. Hypatia, famous polyamorous blogger and inspirational writer, has intensively focused her research on this feeling somewhat unknown to most people. ...

Consent • Illustrated Poster

12 October 2018
Here’s a little comic I made to explain consent to children (and their grown-ups). ...

Cultivons le consentement • Educational Game

5 September 2022
*Content only available in French. ...

Culture of consent • Tool Kit for Young People

7 December 2020
“Culture of Consent” aims to prevent and oppose sexual harassment and encourage a culture of consent in high schools and communities....

Delicate Spots • Educational Game and Companion Guide

21 March 2022
Delicate Spots is a web application designed to prevent sexual violence among young people. It deals with sex-related topics, such as first sexual experiences and sexual violence....

Desinfibulation • Video

15 September 2021
This tool aims to lower the anxiety of the people concerned [by deinfibulation] by augmenting their understanding of the intervention and to obtain treatment adherence. ...

Détours en cours • Un podcast sur l’accès aux soins VIH au Québec

1 March 2021
*This tool is only available in French....

Do You Really Know Everyone You’re Connecting With Online?: Prevention of Cybersexual Violence

21 February 2023
Video aimed at preventing cybersexual violence among youth....

Don’t Get Sextorted

8 March 2021
The new website facilitates open conversations about the issue and a link to confidential online help. Downloadable and teen-friendly sharable communication tools encourage sharing of the prevention message. ...

Éducaloi training • Domestic violence: role and legal obligations of workplaces

11 March 2024
This training, lasting 60 minutes, aims to better inform you about the legal and social aspects of domestic violence. It will allow you to equip yourself to support and protect victims of domestic violence in your workplace....

Éducaloi training • LGBTQ+

8 April 2024
In Quebec, the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities is recognized and protected by law. However, LGBTQ+ people may experience discrimination or other forms of violence because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Several remedies exist against these prohibited actions. ...

Educate to Protect: Young Children’s Sexual Violence Prevention • Websheet

12 October 2020
Why prevent sexual violence against young children? Because they are especially vulnerable to it. We can prevent sexual violence against young children by teaching them simple, concrete concepts that are tailored to their stage of development....

Educational Activities • La série Les classes Sexo-Logiques

23 October 2023
*Content only available in French....

Educational Activities • Sex in Advertising

28 March 2019
To introduce students to the use and prevalence of sexuality in advertising....

Educational Activity • Suffragettes and Iron Ladies

6 September 2019
This lesson considers how the media portrays women in politics. Students explore capsule biographies of female political leaders, from ancient times to current events – crafted from snippets of media coverage such as newspapers, magazines, TV news and encyclopedias – to understand bias in how female politicians are portrayed....

Educational book • From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea

2 April 2024
Miu Lan is born with the magical power to shape-shift according to their imagination. At school, they face gender stereotypes but find comfort in their mother's unconditional love, encouraging them to pursue their dreams limitlessly....