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Practical Guide • HIV and Emotional Wellness

9 December 2019

Tool's Title
HIV and emotional wellness [➦]

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Target Audience
• People living with STBBIs and/or HIV

• Practical guide


Conception by
Darien Taylor (autor) and Josée Bisaillon (illustrator) for CATIE (Canada’s source for HIV and hepatitis C information)

Release Date and Last Update
2013 (updated in 2018)

Maintaining a healthy, balanced emotional outlook on life is an important part of living well with HIV. For many people, advances in the world of HIV all help to make this more possible—HIV treatment has improved, people who are on treatment and maintain an undetectable viral load can feel secure that they won’t pass HIV to their sex partner.s, and people with HIV now live long and healthy lives. To live as healthily as possible with HIV, it is important to take care not only of your mental and physical health but of your mental and emotional health as well.

This booklet is written for people living with HIV, to provide practical information that will help you find and maintain emotional health. It may also be useful for the people who support you—the service providers at your health clinic or HIV organization, your partner, friends, family and loved ones.

*** Note that this description was written by CATIE. ***

Official Reference
CATIE. (2013). HIV and emotional wellness. Retrieved from

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