ST2023 | Symposium | 26.03.2022


Call for proposals for conferences

As part of the fifth edition of the “Sexualités et technologies” symposium that will be held on Friday the 24th of March 2023, Les 3 sex* is officially launching its call for proposals.

This edition will be held through hybrid format, meaning that some conferences will be accessible online while others will be held face-to-face. Therefore, the majority of participants will be on site while some invited guests will join us by videoconference. The event will take place in Centre Phi (Montreal, Qc, Canada).

If you would like to submit a presentation for this event, please complete this document by October 10 2022.

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Proposal topics

Proposals must be at the intersection of sexuality and technology.

Are included in “sexualities”, but not limited to, the following topics :

  • Consent;
  • Contraception and reproductive health;
  • Intimate and romantic relationships;
  • Menstruation;
  • Perinatality;
  • Parenthood;
  • Pornography;
  • Psychosexual development in children and/or adolescents;
  • Psychosexual development in adult and/ or elderly people;
  • Sexual agency;
  • Sexual and gender diversity;
  • Sexual or domestic violence;
  • Sexually transmitted and blood-borne infection (STBBI);
  • Sexual practices;
  • Sex work;
  • Stereotypes and gender roles;
  • Termination of pregnancy.


Included in "technologies", subjects addressing :

  • Advanced technologies;
  • Applications and softwares;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Augmented/virtual reality;
  • Computers and mobile devices;
  • Internet and social media;
  • Robotics.

Conference proposals can take two forms:

  • Conference proposals can take two forms: 50-minute face-to-face conference, followed by a 20-minute question period (in French only);
  • Short pre-recorded conference of 10 to 15 minutes (in French or in English).

Compensation for Selected Speakers

Free access to the symposium;

Financial compensation for people with an annual income of less than $35,000  

  • $175.00 (face-to-face conference)
  • $75.00 (short prerecorded conference).


For any questions, do not hesitate to write to us at

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