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Sexual presence: Toward a model inspired by evolutionary psychology

20 February 2019

Publication date

April 2014

Original abstract

Presence is a phenomenon widely studied by different scientific disciplines. It can be defined as the feeling of being immersed in a reality generated by a range of simulation and immersive technologies, like virtual reality (VR) and related technologies.

In this paper we explore a particular variety of this feeling, namely sexual presence, using evolutionary psychology as a theoretical framework. We translate differences between women and men in sexual imagery and in sexual behaviour into a sexual presence model, introducing proto, core and extended sexual presence as conceptual layers explaining presence.

Our aim is to give an evolutionary interpretation of sexual presence, in light of recent findings, and to provide some new ideas for future studies.


Fontanesi, L. & Renaud, P. (2014). Sexual presence: Toward a model inspired by evolutionary psychology. New Ideas in Psychology, 33, 1-7.

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Sexual presence, presence, virtual reality, technology, scientist, sexuality, women, men, evolution, sexual behaviors, sexual imagery, feeling, immersion, reality


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